Favourable price-quality ratio
By providing you with good advice with regards to the management of your printed products, we ensure a favourable price-quality ratio. DMIdee has built a solid portfolio of long-term relationships with its clients for a good reason; we work together with you to reach practical and cost-efficient solutions. We don’t just focus on postal charges. Instead, we make a difference by advising you on the best solutions for your printed products or by managing all your printed products for you. Sometimes a small adjustment to your printed products can lead to a cost-effective result in your favour. We like to be involved in the process at an early stage, so that the result of your mailing is as efficient and cost-effective for you as possible.
Uw bedrijf komt op verschillende manieren onder de aandacht bij uw klant.

Zowel via direct mail als de veel gebruikte onlinekanalen.

We are happy to support your traditional direct mail promotion with our cross-media solutions.
We care about the environment
We are happy to send your mail items, but we also like doing out bit for the environment. Did you know that almost all the materials we use are recycled? We are pleased to inform you about the environmentally-friendly way to distribute your mailing.
Making an appointment
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