DMIdee, Jan and his team
DMIdee consists of a team of enthusiastic professionals. The team is managed by Jan Bekkers. Our clients describe us as a driven, enthusiastic, and reliable partner. Committed, transparent, and easily accessible are our core values. Positive client contact is important to us, for the benefit of our client, but also for the sense of fulfilment it gives us. Because we believe our clients notice this. We are pleased to answer any questions our clients may have. In our experience, this sincere approach does not go unnoticed. This is why our client base consists largely of long-term relationships.
Deliver quality
We do not only say we deliver quality; we actually do so. We achieve this by proactively working together with our clients to achieve excellent results against the best possible conditions. We have a wealth of experience in the field of postage, printed products, handling, data files, project management, and many other aspects related to despatching your mailing.
Our customers call us a driven, enthusiastic and reliable partner.
Never a dull moment
‘The great diversity of the orders we get, and the daily hustle and bustle contribute to making our work interesting’ says Jan Bekkers. ‘Constant developments in the field of automation, planning, handling, pricing, etc., combined with regular client contact, management, and organisation continue to make my work fun and challenging’.
Improvement is my passion
‘It motivates me to be able to improve the organisation of the various processes constantly. It has my continuous attention. Whether it is for my own company or for our client. Working together to reach the best sollutions is what makes me tick, and which inspires me to keep thinking creatively.’
We like to stay ahead of the game
It is important to us to always be well-prepared in a constantly changing market with new technological developments or changes in the rules and regulations; for example with regards to privacy, such as the GDPR (or rather AVG). We had the processes regarding the processing and management of personal data under control in good time. We are working on obtaining the necessary certifications so that we will not only distinguish ourselves in terms of knowledge and experience, but also to ensure that we can continue to work for any client. Your mailing will always be in good hands.

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